Are you: 

  • a leader or change agent working for social justice and human rights? 

Do you want to:

  • Become more effective as a change agent?
  • Develop greater self and systems awareness?
  • Learn how to work with difficult group dynamics?
  • Develop a mutually supportive network?

If your answer is YES! Welcome to my group coaching program!

Over the course of six weeks, I will guide you through a process meant to help you develop greater self-awareness, and knowledge about systems (how systems and networks operate and can affect people both positively and negatively). Throughout the program, we will also use mindfulness techniques as a way to develop greater leadership capacity and, strategies for self-care. More of a coaching program than a course, Leadership for Change is an opportunity to learn, grow, connect, and build lifelong skills in a stimulating and supportive environment.


  • Gain greater clarity about your most important values, priorities and purpose)

  • Develop insight into your own habitual roles and behavioral patterns

  • Learn to more effectively diagnose and manage difficult dynamics in your team or organization

  • Identify and leverage your preferred leadership style.

  • Strategize how to develop or work more productively with your existing network

  • Connect with other social change and justice activists and advocates. Map out a strategy for moving forward

Module 1: Introductions to each other and to the coaching model

In this module, we will get to know each other, and I will introduce you to systems thinking, and the model of coaching I am using (Analytic-Network, or Eco-Leadership coaching). I will also introduce you to mindfulness practice as a leadership tool.

  • What is Analytic-Network or Eco-Leadership coaching?

  • Introduction to mindfulness and meditation and its connection with leadership

  • Begin to build community: introduce selves

  • Introduction to systems thinking

Module 2: Focus on Self

In this module, you will be given a number of exercises to help you:

  • Identify your key values

  • Explore your true desire and purpose

  • Explore your multiple identities

  • Discover and work from your authentic self

Module 3: Focus on Relationships

In this module we will:

  • Focus on small teams/groups, families, and friends, including distant and virtual relationships.

  • Examine relational patterns from the past and how they impact present relationships.

Module 4: Focus on Leadership

In this module, we will explore different approaches to leadership over the past century (described as leadership discourses). We will:

  • Explore how you exercise both leadership and active followership

  • Examine how you take up and react to authority and power and how you influence others.

  • Identify your leadership preferences, using the hidden leadership questionnaire.

  • Address how leadership can be distributed, and how to enable leadership to flourish throughout your team and organization.

Module 5: Focus on Networks

In this module, I will guide you through an exercise to help you visualize your network, so that you can:

  • Visualize where power and resources lie, where strong and weak connections are, and how change takes place.

  • Identify possible opportunities for influence and change, where you may have previously felt stuck.

Module 6: Focus on Strategy

In this module, we will review what you’ve learned about yourself, your systems and networks and focus on a personal strategy as well as one for your network and workplace. You will:

  • Evaluate what’s working or not working,

  • Identify what is important to hold on to or let go of, and build on success.

  • Explore developmental gaps and how you might work on these

  • Focus on what strategic changes are needed in the workplace.


  • Weekly live group coaching

    Live coaching with members of your cohort.

  • Ongoing access to a private group with other students

    To stay in connection after the course ends

  • Worksheets and Resource Lists

    Keep track of your progress

What People Say...

“I met Prof. Wallach in the 2017 Spring Semester when I took the class of Leadership and Organizations: Gender, Power and Authority in the Gender, Leadership and Public Policy Certificate Program at UMass Boston’s McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies. During the semester, I incorporated concepts that will stay with me throughout my professional career…Thanks to Prof. Wallach, I acquired skills that I apply to do more thorough political analysis. I would like to highlight the Prof. Wallach’s sensitive and warm, engaging and dedicated teaching style. She introduced every class with a practical exercise that related to the topic and concept we would be addressing. For example, I remember the network activity where I had to draw and think about the steps and connections I would need to work on to achieve my dreamed professional career. Her dedicated teaching style help me lower the level of anxiety given that it was the first time I was studying in a different language. She was always open and available, encouraging me to reach my whole potential. I personally have benefited from Prof. Wallach’s course and now she agreed to coach me while I plan my next professional steps.”

Julia Cortazar - Consultora at VALORes Efectividad Organizacional

“This is such an important course, particularly for those of us working in groups professionally or academically. Everything I learned in this course has helped me in the anti-racism work I am engaged in. It also gave me a different perspective for looking at groups and how they work or don't work. I will take what I learned and use it forever! ”

Student from Leadership & Organizations class 2020

“The course topics were incredibly useful and relevant. I felt like I could apply the concepts learned immediately. Prof. Wallach was very knowledgeable and explained things well. I appreciated her teaching style and genuine interest in the material and in her students. She was great about feedback. Having the optional Zoom meetings was very beneficial to the class. It allowed us to learn the concepts better, connect with our classmates, and to build a better relationship with the instructor. I truly enjoyed Prof. Wallach's class and hope to be able to take further classes with her. ”

Student from Leadership & Organizations class 2020

“Tracy's enthusiasm, honesty, and focus on self-care helped create a safe, positive learning environment that was really enjoyable to share with her and my classmates. ”

Student from Leadership & Organizations class 2020

Meet Dr. Tracy Wallach


Hi, I'm Tracy! I am a registered Analytic-Network™ coach, organizational and leadership development consultant based in Brookline, MA. I began my career as a social worker and psychotherapist before moving into organizational consulting and academia. I have worked with people in public sector, health care, social service and manufacturing, organizations. I have a particular interest in working with individuals, groups and organizations engaged in social justice, equity and human rights issues. Currently, I am a Senior Lecturer at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, in the Gender, Leadership, and Public Policy Program (GLPP, McCormack Graduate School of Public Policy), where I have been teaching Leadership since 2015. I have also served as a visiting lecturer and scholar at Sha’anxi Normal University in Xi’an, China; Sabanci University in Istanbul, and Al Quds University in Jerusalem, where I taught seminars and workshops on leadership and organizational dynamics. My passion for understanding group and systems dynamics has been the guiding force throughout my professional career. Whether in my work as an instructor in the Gender, Leadership, and Public Policy Program, a faculty member at William James College Leadership Psychology Program, or Conference convener and consultant for Tavistock events, my focus on group and systems dynamics has helped me understand myself better and be more effective in my roles. It has helped me make sense of the often irrational processes I see around me.

Investment Options

Regular fee $249


  • Who is this course for?

    This course is for progressive activists and change agents—in the context of a your organization, a non-profit, a volunteer group or community activist group—who want to be more effective in their work

  • How much time commitment does the program need?

    The more time you put in to the exercises the more you get out of it. Expect to get a good result if you allocate 90-120 mins to the assignments per week. Similarly, participating in the community and the live weekly group coaching will add to your experience and learning.

  • What is your refund policy?

    Full refunds can be given up to 14 days after purchase.

  • How long can I access the materials?

    You will have access to the course materials for 3 months and access to the community facebook group for as long as it exists.

  • What happens in the group coaching sessions?

    That will depend on what members of the community want to discuss. You may share your experiences doing the exercises, ask questions about the concepts, request consultation about particular dilemmas. Depending on the size and needs of the group, we may also do breakout groups to facilitate the development of community.